Facial Treatment: sit down, relax, and re-born in a matter of minutes


Face treatment

Face treatment. A tip for all those who never have time for themselves, 30 minutes to erase the signs of time, re-hydrate the skin and share the freshness.

Hard work, impossible schedules, unbalanced diet and not even a minute to devote to yourself. The hard life of the career woman, the one who juggles the office and house chores without ever finding a moment for herself, do you recognize yourself in this description? I do, great, and has been so for a while ‘time, but then … then I found the solution to everything: a facial treatment that has made me reborn in no time and today I’ll takl talk about it. Continue Reading

How to dress for a wedding and the decalogue for the perfect guest

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How to dress for a wedding

How to dress for a wedding. A collection of ideas and tips for choosing the perfect outfit to attend a wedding.

Open the mailbox and … tatadaaaan! Not the usual bollletta, not the usual fund-raising, it’s something much, much worse: the wedding invitations! Come on, let’s face it, it’s one of the most feared things of all time, the invitation to the special day of a loved one can turn into a tragedy if you are not prepared, there are a lot of things to think about: from the make-up to gift, from hairstyles to the right outfit, but do not worry, today I’ll give you lots of useful tips on how to dress for a wedding and not only! Continue Reading

Makeup trip: a limited edition Kiko for the perfect makeup

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Make up trip

Makeup trip. A collection of ideas, inspirations and tips for makeup during a trip.

The suitcase is ready, you’re ready but .. what about makeup? After the post about how to dress for a trip (you can read it here) I received many questions on my Facebook page, all themed beauty and makeup with only one thing in common: the trips. Well I would say to bring along the essentials and today I give you some tips along with Kiko makeup to complete your list of must-have travel. Continue Reading

How to dress for a trip and the next destinations for babywhatsup.com


How to dress for a trip

How to dress for a trip. A collection of useful tips for the perfect travel outfit and some news about my upcoming trips.

“Ok the bag is packed, I’m ready.. but what shall I wear? The most beautiful and comfortable clothes are in my suitcase and I want to be fashionable but super comfortable!”Have you thought about it a thousand times too, right? The usual problem of how to dress for a trip is a real social problem, but with the right advice everything will be resolved in less than no time, ready? Continue Reading

Makeup summer 2016: lots of inspirations and tips for summer

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Makeup summer 2016

Makeup summer 2016. A collection of ideas for your make up, all the trends for summer 2016 and the best products on the market.

Sun, heat, summer, long dresses, long hair and damaged make-up. It happened many times, right? You were perfectly blended with the summer mood but had not reckoned with make up, right? Maybe you have also used the same makeu up of all time, the one you use in winter and autumn, with the same dark tones and sad? Bad, very bad! The make up, as well as the closet, should be changed and adapted according to the season and today I’ll give you lots of ideas and tips for makeup summer 2016. Continue Reading