Outfit coat man: how to match the camel coat in winter

An outfit idea with coat for man to be copied immediately. Took a look through the streets of the city of love in the day of lovers.

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Haircut 2017: all the trends of the moment and my new look

All you need to know about cutting hair in 2017 with a proposal for each type of woman and my fresh look.

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What to wear on Saturday night: outfit idea

Lots of useful tips and idea look in red and black tones if you still do not know what to wear on Saturday night.

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Long coat outfit: look feel for the city

A long coat outfit idea. A mix of trendy clothes for a winter in the city in style.

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Outfits School: tips and ideas look to conquer all

A series of school outfits to copy right away and lots of tips to help you to conquer all (the guy you like and the teacher who hates you).

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Are you always hungry? Causes and solutions for staying fit with Dietor

A collection of useful tips and tricks to apply for those times when you’re always hungry.
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Christmas nails: many unique ideas for your Christmas nail art

A collection of red, white and glitter ideas to make the perfect Christmas nails.

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Pulsed light hair removal: innovation with SWT and everything you need to know

All you need to know about hair removal method with SWT, innovation pulsed light hair removal.

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Styles for your home: lot of inspirations

A collection useful ideas and inspirations for your home, and some of the best decor styles.


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Kitchens and the best appliances: helpful tips and a gallery of ideas

A ride together in the world of kitchens and quality appliances, lots of ideas for your decor and a lot of useful tips.

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Nordic furniture: a gallery and many useful tips for DIY

A phenomenal collection of ideas, lots of helpful tips and a magical place where to buy everything for the perfect nordic interior (and not only).

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Elba Island beach guide: the best to visit and the map

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Elba Island beach guide

Elba Island beaches. The best of Italian beaches, corners of paradise that must visit during your vacation in Tuscany. Bays, coves, caribbean beaches and much more in our beautiful country.

The Caribbean? The Maldives? The Dominican Republic? The corners of paradise to thousands of miles from home and dozens of hours of Flying are a solution, but before you explore the world are you sure to know avery place of our beautiful country? Have you already visited the most beautiful places of our Italy? Have you climbed the highest peaks? (If the answer is no, do not miss my trips to the Dolomites). Did you see the most beautiful lakes? (I am in love with Lake Garda, and you’ll love it too). Have you seen all the thousands of miles of the Italian coast? From North to south? The islands? In short, in Italy there are many corners of paradise that surely you don’t know (or maybe you can know it if you are very old and you have spent 2/3 of your life on the road) and that you must see! I start from today and I share corners of paradise with you! Today’s goal? Let’s start with the beaches of Elba island, among the best in Italy (and the world!). White sand, colorful fish, rocks overlooking the sea and much, much more! (more…)

What to see in Val Pusteria: useful tips

Lots of useful tips for your next trip on the most beautiful mountains in the world and all you need to know about what to see in Val Pusteria.

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Outfit long skirt and top on the shores of Lugano lake



Milan hotels: the backstage of my fashion week with Melià Milano

The best hotel in Milan and the backstage of my Milan Fashion week.



Holidays in the Dolomites: travel vlog and the first part of our tour on the road

The first part of the vlog of our trip on the road, many magical places and places to see for holidays in the Dolomites to remember.

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Beaches in Sicily: the 10 most beautiful beaches and a tip from a friend

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Beaches in Sicily

Beaches in Sicily. A collection of the best beaches to be seen in the beautiful Sicily, enchanted places, hidden coves and endless beaches with crystal clear sea that will make you fall in love and that you can not miss.

What are the beaches in Sicily not to be missed completely? What are the best places? The most common questions when you are about to leave for a trip to Sicily are these (well, before I leave for my trip to Favignana a few years ago I thought exclusively to food but I’m a lost case, you know!). Well go to Sicily and remaining in one place would be a shame! The beaches in Sicily are thousands and they are beautiful, you can not absolutely miss them! That’s why you should rent a car and turn them all, discovering the colors and flavors that only this land is able to donate. We proceed calmly, today I’ll show you the 10 most beautiful beaches of Sicily. (more…)

Skiing holidays: my travelogue from Milan to Leukerbad in Valais

The first part of my skiing holidays in Valais.

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Off shoulder dress: a romantic outfit idea


Off shoulder dress

Off shoulder dress. An outfit idea for spring and summer, the trend of the moment to wear with fresh and romantic details.

Get a sunny day, the blue sea in Croatia (do not miss the story of my last trip), add a smile, the desire to feel good and an off shoulder dress and you get perfection.

Today I will give you an outfit advice for your days at the beach or in the city, a romantic look for happy break spent in company … andI  will reveal you my next trip! (more…)

Holidays in South Tyrol: The second part of the vlog on the road

The vlog of my holiday in South Tyrol. The second part of the video on the road to the Val Pusteria until you reach Val di braies.

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Hotel Falkensteiner in South Tyrol: relaxation and gourmet cuisine at Sonnenparadies

Sonnenparadies Hotel Falkensteiner in South Tyrol dream where gourmet dining and relaxation come together in a mix dream.

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Natural mojo: what it is, how it works and some helpful advice



Fittea detox: all you need to know and my experience

All you need to know about detox after a period of binges. Many tips to find fitness with Fittea detox.

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Are you always hungry? Causes and solutions for staying fit with Dietor

A collection of useful tips and tricks to apply for those times when you’re always hungry.
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Tips to lose weight: how to lose weight with water



How to dress in the gym and the rule of the 3 C

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Exercises to lose weight: helpful tips and Runtastic Results

A collection o exercises to lose weight at home.


Exercises to lose weight

Exercises to lose weight. A collection of useful tips, an app for your smartphone and my experience with Runtastic Results.

Remember this post some time ago? Here I had explained in detail all the characteristics variables of the new app for smartphones Runtastic Results. A mix of exercises, useful tips and valid reasons to lose weight and stay healthy.

Do you know what? This time I got in the game (and on Instagram @alicecerea every Monday I give you different advice) and in less than a month I got the first results!

Exercises to lose weight: helpful tips and Runtastic Results

Are you looking for a collection of exercises to lose weight? Greets forever the gym, forget those super boring tutorial where the trainer spend 80% of the available time in useless speeches and download immediately Runtastic Results on your smartphone.

It will include a collection of exercises to lose weight and, after the initial test, you will have your own exercise. You can choose where, how and how much to train and, for any doubts, each exercise is accompanied by a practical (and very fast) video tutorial.

Well I would say that I said it all, I’m going back to my training with Runtastic Results and very soon I will show you all the achievements!









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Training at home: how to be fit without wasting time

A collection of useful tips and an agenda to better organize time and work out at home optimizing the results.

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Exercises for toned legs: 4 years and a tutorial

A collection of useful exercises for toned legs.



How to get in shape after summer: 10 useful tips


How to get in shape after summer

How to get in shape after summer. A collection of useful tips, exercises and tips to get back into shape after the holidays.

You’re just back from the sea, you looked in the mirror and .. oops! You’ve let yourself go to the buffet, right? Or that baker corner churning out steaming croissants every hour has conquered you? Even the ice cream in the square was yummy, right? Summer is the holiday season, relaxation, fun and all those little vices that, once a year, you can grant. Now, though, it’s time to get back on track! Today I will reveal a number of useful tips to find out how to get back in shape after summer. (more…)