Pool party outfit and the soundtrack of summer

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Pool party outfit

Pool party outfit. Bikini, looks, hairstyles and tips to be the queen of the pool parties.

Some time ago I was invited to a pool party, a fantastic pool party with lots of colorful balls, neon lights, my favorite music and foam parties, the weather was perfect, the sky promised a dream sunset, the water in the pool was at the right temperature and the inflatable unicorn called me but … the question that haunted me was one and only one: how to dress for a pool party? So I started looking for some pool party outfit ideas and today I propose you lot of them along with the soundtrack of summer. Continue Reading

How to dress for a graduation: tips for the graduate and guests

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How to dress for a graduation

How to dress for a graduation. A collection of tips, rules, outfits and ideas for the graduate and for the guests, a simple and easy guide for your future ceremonies.

“Help! My friend graduated, I organized everything: banners, balloons and I even helped her choose the perfect look but .. what about my outfit? “Or” Tomorrow I graduate, I spent so much time on the books by forgetting to choose the look for the event! What shall I wear? “. These are some of the most common questions about graduation because, yes, attend a ceremony is a feast for all but… the factor “How to Dress for a degree” can ‘play tricks! Do you have the right look? No fear, today I’ll show you a collection of rules to follow and look for the perfect graduation. Continue Reading

Snapchat tricks: the free guide to depopulate and get lots of views

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Snapchat tricks

Snapchat tricks. A collection of tricks, tips and secrets to depopulate on the social of the moment without any major investment and with excellent results.

Do you work with Snapchat? Do you earn money with Snapchat? How do you do? How many followers and views? Questions of this kind have tripled in the last period on my Facebbok page  (have you a question too? Write me here) as well as have tripled any questions regarding the new social network of the moment. Snapchat has conquered all, has won a good share of the market, and despite the millionaire proposed purchase by Facebook, has decided to continue alone! And you? Are you looking for Snapchat tricks? Are you curious and want to discover the answers to the questions above? Today I’ll let it all with a free guide and much more! Continue Reading

How to match the leather jacket: tips and useful information

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How to match the leather jacket

How to match the leather jacket. A collection of outfit ideas for a timeless jacket and some useful information that surely you did not know about leather.

A jacket  who will definitely not miss in the closet of no’s you is her, the legendary leather jacket, a timeless jacket, declinable in many colors and different models and, above all, perfect in every season and with many different looks. And you? You already have your leather jacket? And most importantly you know how to match the leather jacket in the right way? Continue Reading

How to dress in Summer evening: off shoulder dress on the Iseo lake


How to dress in the summer evening

How to dress in the summer evening. A romantic, trendy and super fresh look for a perfect evening on the lake.

How to dress in the summer evening? It has always been my main problem and, given the high number of similar requests received on my Facebook page, I assume is also the sorrow of many other people. It’s really difficult to choose the right look, we would like to wear that super sexy low-cut dress but .. if then came a thunderstorm? And if, instead, we choose that super necked dress but fine with dying from the heat? So finding the right weight for summer evenings is always a dilemma but I found the solution and, incidentally, it is also in the summer trends 2016, curious? Continue Reading