Sea in Croatia: deep blue, love, fun and useful tips


Sea in Croatia

Sea in Croatia. One of the most beautiful seas in the world. Deep blue and the cleanest  see I’ve ever see. A corner of paradise that has haunted me, a place that I will carry with me forever.

The deep blue sea in Croatia, the cliffs overlooking the sea, the friendly dolphins playing, colorful fishes, tanned skin, the scent of the sea and the typical summer food. A mix of scents, feelings and unique emotions.

My trip to Croatia (indeed my last trip to Croatia, because it was not the first time), a collection of photos, lots of tips and unique emotions. Continue Reading

Romantic look: an outfit idea from my last trip


Romantic look

Rromantic look. A super feminine, sweet and cute outfit ideas. A look for lovers, for those who live life with dreamy eyes and  feet off the ground.

Get the sea, not a normal one, take one of the best crystal seas in the world. Get a breathtaking landscape nestled between cliffs overlooking the sea and trees clinging to the steep slopes. Add a blue sky, bright sun, some clouds here and there and a fantastic summer day. A light breeze that spreads the scent of the sea and a smile. Can you imagine it? Miss only one thing: the perfect outfit. So let me show you a romantic look that you’ll love. Continue Reading

How to wear makeup for a pool party: YSL waterproof


How to wear makeup for a pool party

How to makeup for a pool party. Lots of useful tips, products to choose and a dream pool party.

Late summer, a new whatsapp group that sprouted overnight, the image of a super beautiful model in a bikini and a title that is a program: “Pool party by Rossy”. Panic! Come on, do not tell me you’ve never happened! Do not tell me you do not you ever get a last-minute invitation to a beach party or pool, I would not believe. It happens to us all, every summer, and now I will give you some helpful advice on how to wear makeup for a pool party. Continue Reading

Off shoulder dress by the sea: an outfit idea for summer


Off shoulder dress

Off shoulder dress. A comfortable, summer and cool outfit idea to wear the trend of the moment and match it in the best way.

But then what is this off shoulder dress everyone is talking about? An icecream? A local? Is this not an ethnic dish? No, off shoulder dresses are the trend of the moment, you know those little dresses with their backs out you have seen a thousand times in your favorite shop? They are usually blue and white stripes and they are the essence of summer in person (or rather in dress!). Do you know how to combine them in a look? Today I’ll give you some helpful advice. Continue Reading