Long black dress Mangano in the beautiful Florence


Long black dress Mangano

Long black dress Mangano. Ane elegant and original look, a perfect outfit for an important evening.

Hand up who has never dreamed of wearing a long dress and spend an evening with friends, food and good music, no one right? It’s a recurring dream, a wish that at least once in our lives all we have had and that, sooner or later, we must see accomplished! I’ve made it some time ago in the beautiful Florence on the occasion of Pitti Uomo with a black long dress Mangano and I fell in love. Continue Reading

How to dress for an event: some rules and an outfit idea

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How to dress for an event

How to dress for an event. An original and stylish look that does not go unnoticed to be fashionable at each event.

Press conferences, meetings, business lunches and so on and so forth, the events to which we must attend every day are so many and varied, but … do you know how to dress for an event? Every time I enter into total panic and “I have nothing to wear!” (It happens also to you, right?), but there are some simple tricks to keep in mind that I’ve learned and that now I’m going to reveal to you. Continue Reading

YSL Mon Paris and the essence of 22 years: birthday girl!


Ysl Mon Paris

Ysl Mon Paris. The new fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent, a mix of fruity and floral notes for a hypnotic effect.

On the morning of my birthday, June 29, a shining sun and a mild summer breeze coming through the window, slowly I wake up, I’ll take my time, rub my eyes just like I did when I was a child.

I get up, pulled back the curtains, I smile to a new, fantastic day and I head into the living room, on the table a small and nice package, a gift for me, an anonymous gift with a full of meaning contained: Ysl Mon Paris, the new fragrance Yves Saint Laurent.

I can not resist, I open it, I spray it in the air and everything changes … now I know what is the essence of my 22 years. Continue Reading

Mirabilandia: the new west area and many happy moments

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Mirabilandia. A mix of smiles, snapshots, emotions and entertainment from one of the most beautiful amusement parks in Italy.

Have you ever been here? Have you ever experienced the thrill of Swoop, or the fun of a Can-Can show? Have you ever felt afraid in the house of horrors and did you ever marveled in front of the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe? I do, and now I’ll tell you with a video and lots of photos taken during my experience in Mirabilandia. Continue Reading

How to tan easily and without damages? Advice, products and information

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How to tan easily and without damages

How to tan easily and without damages. Some useful tips for perfect, amber and tanned skin limiting the damage caused by the sun.

“Hague! Ouch! I will never support more shoulders to the bed, I promise! Oh God .. what are all these cuticles? Why am I so red? “I seem to hear you (and I seem to hear me!), the classic post-sun phrases, those that every year return with the arrival of summer, all those who at least once in our life we all have pronounced and that, from today, we will no longer pronounce thanks to my advice on how to tan easily and without damages. Continue Reading