Hair care: grandmother’s remedies Vs. 2.0 remedies


Hair care

Hair Care. Many useful tips to take better care of your hair and a new system thought for your hair.

Dry hair? Super fat hair? These are just some of the issues that I, you and thousands of other people suffer, common problems which is often difficult to find a remedy but today I’ll give you an answer with lots of tips and Grandma’s remedies for the hair care.

Hair care: grandmother’s remedies Vs. 2.0 remedies

Crazy title, right? Grandma’s remedies against 2.0 remedies.

Well, after trying many remedies and tips for hair care I have come to a conclusion: the grandmother’s remedies combined to remedies 2.0 make miracles and guarantee perfection, and today I’ll tell you how, ready?

It starts with a 2.0 customized remedy, all you have to do is rely on the hands of experts System professional that, together with you, will study the merits and defects of your hair and will give you your code. It is a kind of mathematical formula called My Energy Code (mine is H1 + P3 + X4L + L4 + X5a + R6) where each code corresponds to a product, in my case there are 6 products (the best, I have really super damaged hair!) to be used during my normal routine (here I give you some advice for a perfect beauty routine) and, once finished, I’ll just go to a System Professional center, show my code and recharge!

Well, now we come to Grandma’s remedies, there is one for every need, find your own and find out what to do!

Fat hair. Mix 1 tablespoon of clay with 2 drops of essential oil of anise and leave on before washing, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and rinse using a peppermint tea, now dry using the hair dryer to the coolest temperature (or better , not dry!).

Dry hair. Before going to bed put on your hair olive oil, apply a cap and leave on all night, in the morning wash them and rinse thoroughly.

Hair brittle. Add to your neutral shampoo (preferably organic) the pulp and juice of a grapefruit, moisturize and strengthen the hair.

Hair loss. Rosemary and parsley infuse, apply this lotion every night.

Lighter hair. Apply an infusion of chamomile and let stand for a few hours (stay under the sun for a better effect).

Faster Growth. Apply a mayonnaise-based mask and leave for 20 minutes, the lemon will give shine and the egg will contribute to hair growth (here I tell you how to make your hair grow faster).

That’s all, I hope these useful tips help you  and you will find among these the best remedies for the care of your hair; I’ll let the photos taken at the salon Sara Hilow in the heart of Milan for Systema Professional and Wella.














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