Mirabilandia: the new west area and many happy moments

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Mirabilandia. A mix of smiles, snapshots, emotions and entertainment from one of the most beautiful amusement parks in Italy.

Have you ever been here? Have you ever experienced the thrill of Swoop, or the fun of a Can-Can show? Have you ever felt afraid in the house of horrors and did you ever marveled in front of the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe? I do, and now I’ll tell you with a video and lots of photos taken during my experience in Mirabilandia.

Mirabilandia: the new west area and many happy moments

When I step in the park my face lit, eyes, heart and face began to smile, it was my first time to Mirabilandia and I fell in love, it was love a first sight .

A day, even two amazing days, a hot sun and mild summer breeze, singing, dancing and laughter, the inauguration of the new west area that left me breathless: 19000 square meters entirely dedicated to ‘ old west, a mix of old and new as to leave you breathless with all the rides of the moment.

Mirabilandia is one of the largest parks of all time and a thousand pages would not be enough to tell you all about it so I wrapped it all in a few minutes of video stolen here and there to the park, take a look.

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So what do you think? You’re in love? Check out the photos taken during the two days at the park and then tell me:  Have you ever been here? What is your favorite attraction?


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