Fashion for man with Septwolves


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Fashion for man

Fashion for man. A collection of men’s outfit ideas for every occasion, from the shirt to the pants without sacrificing style.

Weddings? Events? Evenings with friends? For some men the relationship with wardrobe is similar to the women’s one (of whom I have told you a thousand times),  the question “what the heck I wear?” sounds menacing in the head everytime. Well, I know, in males, fortunately, is a rare case but … but I have a perfect example, Yuri, the manager of the male part of, one of those men perpetually undecided, always in delay, a man who calls me about 2 minutes before the appointment (which, of course, is and will always late) in full crisis: what shall I wear ?! Well over the years I gave him some advice, during the men’s fashion shows he fall in love with the world of fashion and today, for the first time, I leave the word to him for so many tips on fashion for man.

Fashion for man with Septwolves

Hello, I’m Yuri, a professional photographer and now in charge of this new adventure all-male! Before start you should take a look at my look during Milan Fashion Week and these elegant looks for men. Done? We can leave!

In a large number of you have asked us a few tips on clothing for man, Alice answered to some questions, and today I’ll try with a few helpful tips and a brand that I just found out, and of which I fell in love: Septwolves. It is a totally male Asian brand.

Alt! I said Chinese and you will have thought: the usual brands from poor quality and dubious taste, right? Mistaken! Septwolves is a leader in the industry since 1990, after the launch in 2000 of its first jacket in plaid has depopulated by winning the title of “King of jackets” and I, a lover of the jackets, I can confirm: they are fantastic!

Its slogan “Men Are Multi-Faceted” best expresses the mind of the brand: a perfect blend of Chinese culture and western elements and current trends, and this is the real reason why I was kidnapped by this brand.

Well, Yuri, stop talking and start to give us some advice? Of course, let’s start now!

In the wardrobe of a fashionable man can’t miss:

  • Jackets. Well Setpwolfes won the title of King of the jackets, try the Classic Business.
  • Shirts. White, fantasy and of different sizes. Great ones from the Classic Business collection.
  • T-shirt. Increasingly, however and wherever. I suggest the Urban life for a casual style.
  • Pants and jeans. Relies entirely on the Smart Casual collection details.
  • Cap. If you are between 13 and 30 years it is perfect, otherwise it relies on an elegant hat.
  • Shoes. A good pair of sneakers and a pair of stylish shoes.

Well, now that you know all about fashion for men you just have to look at the picture below, be inspired, and tell us what you think!

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