Elba Island beach guide: the best to visit and the map

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Elba Island beach guide

Elba Island beaches. The best of Italian beaches, corners of paradise that must visit during your vacation in Tuscany. Bays, coves, caribbean beaches and much more in our beautiful country.

The Caribbean? The Maldives? The Dominican Republic? The corners of paradise to thousands of miles from home and dozens of hours of Flying are a solution, but before you explore the world are you sure to know avery place of our beautiful country? Have you already visited the most beautiful places of our Italy? Have you climbed the highest peaks? (If the answer is no, do not miss my trips to the Dolomites). Did you see the most beautiful lakes? (I am in love with Lake Garda, and you’ll love it too). Have you seen all the thousands of miles of the Italian coast? From North to south? The islands? In short, in Italy there are many corners of paradise that surely you don’t know (or maybe you can know it if you are very old and you have spent 2/3 of your life on the road) and that you must see! I start from today and I share corners of paradise with you! Today’s goal? Let’s start with the beaches of Elba island, among the best in Italy (and the world!). White sand, colorful fish, rocks overlooking the sea and much, much more!

Elba Island beach guide: the best to visit and the map

Ready Set Go! You’re leaving for your trip to the Elba island but you have no idea what to expect? Did they tell you that is beautiful and there are corners of paradise (yes, the Elba Island beaches are true natural paradises!) but do not have the slightest idea where to find them? No fear, I’ll do it for you!

Today I will give you lots of useful tips on the best beaches on the Elba Island but before .. you know this island? Have a look at the map below to find your way a little (and save it, it will be very useful!).

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Done? Well now we can start with a list of the best beaches of Elba Island that you definitely can not miss, ready?

  •  Capobianco. I was there as a young girl and I fell in love, looking back I still have eyes a little heart. A small cove, white rocks and clear blue sea, colorful fish and the blue sky. In the corner a very big rock and a cave on the sea deep blue color. It is and will remain there, a photograph printed in the heart.
  • Marina di campo. The Maldives island of Elba. Take the white sand, the colorful fish and the blue water. Add the beauty of a typical and super Italian small town and you get perfection. Come on, admit it, everyone wants a place with the ferment of Riccione (remember my trip to Riccione?) and the sea of ​​Sardinia.
  • Barabarca. Picturesque, unspoiled and totally exposed to the north. Here the rocky bottom is the master and is perfect for snorkeling. A pair of flippers, a mask, a good underwater camera and you’re ready!
  • Spiaggia dell’Innamorata. The sand, a super romantic bay and the beauty of the deep blue, what do you want more? It is a romantic and beautiful place. Also perfect for canoes and paddleboats.
  • Ferrato. A cove dream with gravel and rocks. Charming, classic and, above all, perfect for four-legged friends!
  • Istia. Another beach open to dogs that stole my heart: the rock that enters the sea surrounded by pine trees, my idea of ​​summer.
  • Fetovaia. You know the Caribbean? Well, take them and bring them in Italy, you are in Fetovaia, Elba island. I fell in love with the crystal clear sea and I was enchanted by the fish of a thousand different colors.

Well actually the beaches are many more but these are the ones who have stolen my heart (and at times reminded me of my trip to Croatia, the sea is very similar!). Corners of paradise, enchanted places I visited more than 10 years ago and that have stayed there, etched and printed as a postcard in the heart.

But now we come to the point with a super interesting question:

How to reach the Island of Elba? The real problem is this but we solve it immediately with the ferry service to Elba island (and more), click here and find out times, destinations and much more! In under an hour you can reach the Island of Elba (attention there is more than one port, you should be informed about the location of the structure that will accommodate you). As for the car is recommended take it, the beaches are beautiful and really a lot, you definitely can not stand still in one spot!

I leave you with a collection of images of the most beautiful beaches in Elba Island, fall in love and … bon voyage!

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  1. how beautiful is this place? Have you ever been to Sardinia? thinking of going there for my honeymoon :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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