Romantic look: an outfit idea from my last trip


Romantic look

Rromantic look. A super feminine, sweet and cute outfit ideas. A look for lovers, for those who live life with dreamy eyes and  feet off the ground.

Get the sea, not a normal one, take one of the best crystal seas in the world. Get a breathtaking landscape nestled between cliffs overlooking the sea and trees clinging to the steep slopes. Add a blue sky, bright sun, some clouds here and there and a fantastic summer day. A light breeze that spreads the scent of the sea and a smile. Can you imagine it? Miss only one thing: the perfect outfit. So let me show you a romantic look that you’ll love.

Romantic look: an outfit idea from my last trip

I have just returned from my trip to Croatia. I fell in love with the island of Krk, I’ve already mentioned it here, and soon I will tell you everything in detail. I left a piece of heart in the land of dreams but I bartered with some amazing photos of the sea that I can not wait to show you (find more on Instagram @alicecerea).

We begin with a romantic look, a pastel pink dress look book store worn during a walk downtown, the perfect dress for a romantic stroll (and also for the first date!). I paired with a straw hat (this is the trilby, the must of the summer, discover all here) and a pair of sandals Deichmann (you know I’ve created a collection for Deichmann? Discover all here).

Well what do you think? Romantic or super sporty look?










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