Outfit ideas for August: 15+1 ideas for you

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Outfit ideas for August

Outfit ideas for August. A collection of my looks of August, including high-waisted shorts and swimsuits, a touch of style for the hottest month of the year.

Summer is cming to an end. A summer spent with the people I love, in enchanted places, frozen rivers, deep lakes and crystal clear seas. A fantastic month I want to remember and relive with you with a collection of the best outfits for August.

Outfit ideas for August: 15+1 ideas for you

Before moving on to the gallery of the best outfits in August proposed to my Profile Instagram @alicecerea let’s make an account of my summer.

I was in Romagna Riviera to discover Mirabilandia and then in Cesenatico for an interesting project. I was in Croatia along with Sognatori digitali & Snappik and then head to Jesolo for a family holiday. Lake Garda has been my second home between fun and romantic sunsets. There have been excursions at high altitude, remember Val Vertova?

So one summer, even a month full of travel and novelty and does not end here! I have just returned from my last trip to Switzerland and from next week I will tell you everything!

Well now I leave you with a collection of my summer looks, get inspired!

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  1. Every outfit is so wonderful, dear, made amazing by gorgeous you in them 🙂 I enjoyed so much your wonderful butt showing in picture 6 and of course the next one too. You know any time I see you in panties it brings me fantastic pleasure 😉 Wow!!!

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