Holiday in switzerland: from mountains to lugano lake, my trip

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Holiday in switzerland

Holiday in Switzerland. The best place I’ve ever seen. A corner of paradise between Italy and Switzerland that you must visit.

Now you know: I’m in love with Switzerland. I fall in love when I was only a little girland I visited this place for the first time. I came back some months ago, in March. I visited Vallese, another corner of paradise. I fall in love again with mountains and lakes (find here my trip to Vallese) and I decided that I must visit all this amazing country.

So I came back again, last week. I spent some days on Lugano lake and today I’ll tell you all about the first part of my trip.

Holiday in switzerland: from mountains to lugano lake, my trip

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Saturday morning. The alarm sounds. A hot shower and the suitcas. The doorbell rings. I go out, I walk the and arrive at the gate. A luxury car is waiting for me, ready to take me to the destination. The driver, a distinguished man, tall, with a suit and tie, opened the door for me with kindness, closes it, he loads my bags and we leave. During the journey it seems to fly, soft, wraparound seats. The dark windows and a toast to Newlimousine.

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We arrived. In less than two hours we are on the border, we pass through customs in Switzerland to return to Italy. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but Campione d’Italia, my destination, is an Italian town in Switzerland. Lugano lake fascinates me immediately, an expanse of emerald water set among green hills. We stop, the door opens and, in front of me, Melia Campione, the hotel that will host me.

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The staff is very kind, I am greeted with a welcome cocktail, a glass of fine wine and finger food of high quality. The time to do ceck in and we are escorted into the room, where we find our luggage.

Stop! I jump on the bed, huge, I admire the elegant bathroom and sip a good glass of prosecco in the private terrace of the room overlooking the lake.

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After I settled I take the elevator, go down and, after a short sightseeing tour of the town I headed to the restaurant Da Candida. His Fois Gras is a delicacy not to mention the chic and sophisticated dishes that proposes. All it accompanied by soft music in an atmosphere that smells of history.

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After lunch we get up, thank the attentive chef and we return to the hotel. Here our driver is ready to escort us in Lugano, on the other side of the lake for an afternoon of shopping. In less than 15 minutes we are at our destination. I fall in love right away on Via Nassa, the way of luxury shopping in Lugano, dotted with high fashion boutiques: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Hermes and many more.

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After a frantic shopping afternoon we return to the hotel where a fabulous aperitif room waits for us prepared to perfection by the chef of Melia. Just enough time for a toast and I’m leaving again. An elegant look to attend the Titanic musical, a show without time live on Lugano lake. I I fell in love.

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Night is here. We revel with the local street food (yummy!) and we return to the hotel escorted by thedriver. When I arrive in my room a terrace all to myself overlooking Lake Lugano at night with thousands of lights in the background is waiting for me. I give myself a hot bath, I put on my robe and go to bed. The first day of vacation in Switzerland ends here.

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