Outfit long skirt and top on the shores of Lugano lake


Outfit long skirt and top

Outfit long skirt and top. A sensual and elegant look perfect for a special evening. The right combination to conquer them all.

Get a late summer evening, the placid waters of Lugano lake. A swan peeping from the pier and a sunset that leaves you speechless. Add a long skirt and top. You are ready, you shine like the moon. Ready to hit the mark? All eyes will focus on you (and below I’ll tell you how to conquer them all!).

Outfit long skirt and top on the shores of Lugano lake

During my trip to Switzerland on Lugano lake (here you can find the first part of my trip, and here the second part of the trip), I had the privilege of witnessing the Titanic, the Musical. An excellent show staged on the shore of the lake with a tragic ending but happy, a different story, to see.

I was wearing a long skirt and top outfit Na-kd, complemented by a pair of shoes lace up which I really love. The shoes and the skirt are part of Beatrix collection, designed by Beatrice Valli for Na-kd.

What do you think of this look? You peeked Beatrice’s collection? I’ll leave you to all photos.








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