Nails 2017: all the trends of the season and a lot of ideas for your hands

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Nails 2017

Nails 2017. All of the coming seasons trend. From the colors to use to the coolest nail art for your hands.

Alt! Look at your hands. How to find them? The nails are cured or are ruined? The summer has marked them indelibly? Do not worry! First of all, do not miss these tips for healthy nails and then focus on the trend of the moment. Today I will give you lots of useful tips and I will reveal all the 2017 trends nails with lots of inspirations to be copied on the fly.

Nails 2017: all the trends of the season and a lot of ideas for your hands

Ready to discover all the nails 2017 trends? You just have to get comfortable and save this guide, it will be your bible regarding the care of hands.

As regards the shape at the top of the charts there are even them, the squoval nails (here I reveal how to implement them). The colors, however, have changed, ready to discover them all?

Before you start you should stock up on long-lasting enamel. Estremo by Estrosa is perfect, but if you love the semi-permanent test Persistance 3 in 1 (in part in any fashion color you’ll find the name of the color matching you find on Estrosa).

Cherry Red (Red Passion). Red dominates the charts, always and forever. For this season we find it in the light version. Here a red nails gallery. nail art 2017 (2)

Metal (Princess metal). The metal and urban colors even conquer your hands. Grunge in similar colors to the lead, princely if mixed with pink. nail art 2017 (4)

Metal + contrasts (Princess metal + Eclipse). If the metallic will not win add contrasting details.

nail art 2017 (3)

Only one strip on the bezel (Limelight + top coat). The return to the natural nails but with a chic accessory. Colors bezel with a gold enamel for a wow effect! nail art 2017 (5)

Rose (Jasmin). The nude effect dominates on the runways and streets. Easy to obtain, long lasting and goes with everything. nail art 2017 (6)

Rose gold on the tip (Soft rose + limelight glitter). Your pink manicure was chipped? No fear, you can run for cover with a touch of gold on the tip to give a twist to your hands. nail art 2017 (7)

Rouge noir (Planet Rock). Forget black and say hello to your new best friend for winter. The coolest nails are such a deep red as to appear black. nail art 2017 (8)

Lead (Eclipse). The current trends and fashion color par excellence. Lead with greenish tones have you hooked. nail art 2017 (9)

Multicolored with points (Snow white + color). Perfect if you love the colors and you want to give a twist to your too sober look. A white base and then get creative! nail art 2017 (10)

Yellow (Twin towers fluo). It is not just for the summer, it is perfect in every season. nail art 2017 (11)

Flowers. The floral art nail back on the catwalks. Now the choice is between floral or micro-painting applications. nail art 2017 (13)

Velvet. The velvet effect is the latest fashion (I speak some time ago together with make-up trends in 2017). Best on long nails. nail art 2017 (12)

The trend nails 2017 end there, do not miss all the trends in 2017: from fashion to make up, going through hair and shoes.

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