Modern fairy tales: 10 + 1 lessons of yesterday and today

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Modern fairy tales

Modern fairy tales. A filmed fairytale, a unique moral. A tale full of feelings, teachings and life enclosed in a few minutes.

And you remember the fairy tales? Remember your mother who read before bedtime? And those adventurous, full of twists and scary ones listen on dad’s knees? Remember the fairy tale characters in your heart? And the moral?

A few days ago I was taken by an attack of nostalgia, one of those where I take the booksof  when I was a little girl and I start to browse: Peter Pan and Robin Hood, from Aesop’s fables to those of the Brothers Grimm. Pages full of emotions, memories and teachings. I reread all, from start to finish and, browsing the web, I Googled the word modern fairy tales.

And you? What are the lessons that fairy tales have given you? Below I remember 10 + 1 lessons that, probably, you forgot.

Modern fairy tales: 10 + 1 lessons of yesterday and today

  1. Be free and happy. Remember the Lion King? And Timon and Pumba? They are the founding fathers of the movement Hakuna Matata, literally without thoughts. Attention, take life lightly but not superficially!
  2. I’ll make it. The Princess and the Frog. Determination and a dream come true.
  3. The bare necessities.Look for the bare necessities.The simple bare necessities. Forget about your worries and your strife. I mean the bare necessities. That’s why a bear can rest at ease, With just the bare necessities of life. Simple, right?
  4. You and the other people. Remind Christmas Carol? In everyday life we ​​all turn into Scrooge. In the absence of the 3 ghosts refer to consciousness.
  5. Fighting for those who deserve it and with a smile. Robin Hood, the Walt Disney’s fox, teaches us to be on the side of those who really need it because the nobility is not a right of birth: it is determined by actions.
  6. You can do it. Thumbelina is the greatest example that anyone, low or tall, thin or fat, can do it. Just proceed in small steps, and with a smile.
  7. The union is strength. The memories of the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel? Together all do best.
  8. Dream. Only those who dream learn to fly. Peter Pan teaches us never stop dreaming and smiling, no matter what happens.
  9. Do not lie. Lies have short legs and a long nose …you know Pinocchio?
  10. Happiness. Dreams are wishes of happiness. The last who will be first, add hope and unconditional joy. Cinderella’s dream come true.
  11. There are times when it is better to save memories in the heart (and not on the mobile phone). Put the cell phone off and live!

Hey what is your favorite story?

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