Permanent hair removal: everything you need to know

All you need to know about permanent hair removal.


Permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal. Many myths to be discredited, some tips and information that definitely you did not know and my experience.

After this post where I told you  all the secrets on laser hair removal, I have been bombarded by millions of questions on my Facebook page. Those who asked me if it was really functional, who if it were painful. Many girls have asked me after how many time the first results were visible and where to go for a permanent hair removal treatment.

Well I decided to gather all these questions and answer them now, here on, with many clichés to dispel, advice and suggestions about it.

Permanent hair removal: everything you need to know

Ready to find out all about permanent hair removal? Today I will answer a lot of questions, I’ll tell you my experience and I will recommend you a reliable and safe beauty center.

The laser will eliminate only the affected follicles and active, even in the finished system, for subsequent years, at least once a year, you will need to make at least a booster seat (and unless you have not miraculous).

Best laser or pulsed light? They are two completely different systems of permanent hair removal. It has not been tested which is more efficient and which is best to choose. I have collected some opinion (non-medical) around, from people who are subjected to both treatments, and I can tell you that the pulsed light is more painful than the laser (are rumors and I have not tested it on my skin) .

How many seats are used? An average of 10 sessions are needed.

Where to undergo a cycle of permanent hair removal by laser? There are specialized centers in that, but I’m sure that your beautician will also offer this service.

Laser hair removal in the province of Bergamo, where to go? I have entrusted to my beautician, a stone’s throw from home. I’m talking about the center Aquos Sun & Beauty by Antegnate (you find one even at Arcene), thee I had mentioned some time ago, remember?

They engaged in the service of laser hair removal with Mediostar NEXT (leading German laser) now for over four years producing and offering the service area with a price of € 33,00 (really good!).

Before starting the course they were asked to run a free test in which they verified the feasibility of the treatment on the basis of the color of my hair and skin (more the hair is darker and more the skin is clear, better is the result).

The first session has already given some improvements and I look forward to seeing how my life will be when I am no longer dependent on the wax (I imagine a dream!).

I leave you with some pictures to make you understand better how it is made a session of laser hair removal and we catch up soon!









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