Black adidas gazelle: a sporty look idea

A sporty and stylish look to match the black adidas gazelle in the best way.


Black adidas gazelle

Black adidas gazelle. The trend of the moment and a look idea. A comfortable and sporty suggestion for you on how to match these sneakers.

Before the superstar, then stan smith until you get and them, the legendary adidas gazelle. The revival of adidas are continuing and, after the two iconic models last year (here find and idea look for superstar and here an outfit with stan smith), returns the mythical velvet sneakers. Come on, confess, in 2000  you’ve had at least a couple, right? I had the pink ones … and if it were not for the giant hole formed for the wear, I’d like to wear them again!

Obviously I have not won to date and … remember my shopping sitting by Jd Sports? I opted for a total look adidas originals and I chose them, the mythical black adidas gazelle.

Black adidas gazelle: a sporty look idea

Alt! Before continuing with the look you just need to know that these shoes are also the fashion trends for man 2017, take a look at the man section.

Well, now that the boys have been content let the point: how to match the black adidas gazelle? Well, unless you have very large feet (like me) you can wear them with everything from denim skirt toflared trousers, passing skinny jeans and sporty dresses.

I chose to match them to a total look adidas originals. I’m wearing a red sweater paired with a black top. A couple of blacks leggings, a comfortable cap and I’m ready for a sporty afternoon with friends.

And what do you think? Pink or black adidas gazelle? I’ll let the pictures of the look.










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  1. Very cool and beautiful outfit. Your gorgeous butt looks amazing in those pants. Gave me fantastic pleasure 😉

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