Office Furniture: my new work corner together with Dalani

My new office furniture and lots of helpful advice.


Office furniture

Office furniture. My new office corner and a lot of useful tips to decorate your home study.

I told you that the next would be my year, right? After a difficult year, full of disappointments, quarrels and confused ideas I’m emerged stronger than before, with a handful in more awareness and a great news: I’m going to live alone!

2017 will be a year of great changes and I can not wait to tell you everything, step by step, idea after idea. To be honest I decided to play in advance and I’ve already decided how I will furnish my house (more or less). One thing is certain: the idea of ​​the chute in the house have been rejected (and I’m really sad!), but I will find a way to fix it.

For a person who works at home office furniture is crucial, and today I will give you some useful tips along with Dalani.

Office Furniture: my new work corner together with Dalani

Remember the post where I gave you a lot of ideas for the office furniture? I selected one, the most basic of all. I ordered the items for the furnishing on Dalani, I impatiently awaited the arrival of the courier, I assembled it all and voila! My corner office ready in less than no time (and without putting one foot out of the house!).

I mounted and positioned my corner office by following a few rules, stolen tips to friends and designers, and now I want to share them with you to make sure that your home office is perfect.

  1. Pay attention to the location of natural light. Place a window to the sides or behind, never in front of you (the direct light could be annoying if you work at the computer).
  2. Location. Never place your office in the kitchen or living room. The place where you work should not be the same where you relax. The rule applies even if you love your job!
  3. Soothing essences. Place a scented candle on the desk (I have found a phenomenal one on Dalani). Enrich your office furniture and help to make you feel better with a pleasant scent.
  4. Be sure to keep order. For me it is quite difficult but here I give you lots of useful tips to order home and office.
  5. Phone with dual sim. As for the decor it is off topic but it is a very useful advice that saved my life in the office and I want to share with you. Try Honor 8, it’s perfect!

We’ve finished. Five simple tips to keep in mind to decorate your home office. I leave you to the shots of my new office corner Dalani, what do you think? Don’t miss this gallery of office home design.














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