Skiing holidays: my travelogue from Milan to Leukerbad in Valais

The first part of my skiing holidays in Valais.


Skiing holidays

Skiing holidays. The first part of my trip to Canton Valais between snow and stunning scenery.

The month of November, that of change. The leaves color the ground, the sky turns gray and the air is cold. The days are shorter, the tops of the mountains in the distance are white and winter peeks around the corner.

For me, November is the month of memories and schedules. In November start to fantasize about upcoming trips and the holidays in the snow (well actually for 2016 I planned a trip on the snow and very soon I’ll tell you all!). In November I usually think about the last trip that took me to the roof of the world and today I decided to tell you all about it.

Skiing holidays: my travelogue from Milan to Leukerbad in Valais

I always thought that skiing holidays par excellence were those spent in the Dolomites (here all my trips in the Dolomites), but after discovering the Valais I had to change my mind.

A clear blue sky, fresh and soft snow, the flight of the legendary bearded vulture and the highest peaks beneath our feet. Ready to explore with me Valais? Today I will take you with me in the first part of this trip to Switzerland from Milan to Leukerbad.


It is 8 o’clock in the morning, the sun shines and the Milan Central Station is the height of its activities. There are commuters who run on the right and left, students with narrowed eyes and then there’s me, Alice, with a big suitcase full of dreams and .. winter clothes!

I reach for the group, the binary 1 lies ahead, direction Valais, Switzerland! In less than two hours and a train change we are at our destination. This piece of heaven is in another state but is really close to Milan, my second city.

I get off the train and my eyes begin to glow. Remember the country of Heidi, the cartoon of the 90s? Well I think actually exists, and it is called Leukerbad in Valais. Hundreds of houses built of wood that give way to panoramic views that will remain with me always.



The time to leave our luggages at the hotel, wearing a full ski and we are leaving again (without forgetting snowboarding gear). We embark on a huge cable car, fast climb and reach the ski area Torrent, overlooking the main 4000m Valais (we are really at the top!). Here in a downhill snowboard and a lunch of local specialties the day passes quickly and in a flash it’s time to return.




After a morning of shopping, hot chocolate and chat with friends it’s time to wear a bikini and let ourself be pampered by the steaming hot springs. Leukerbad is the largest spa in the entire Alps: here daily flow of 3.9 million liters of water.Try Walliser Alpentherme Leukerbad Therme & Spa, here the view is breathtaking, especially at sunset (here I’ll tell you all about spas of Leukerbad).





After we enjoyed the sunset behind the highest peaks of Europe we head to the Varen vineyards for a tasting of the wonderful Valais wines accompanied by a cool dinner.





For the last day in Leukerbad we reach by cable car the Gemmi, incredible scenic spot that once represented one of the most important steps between South and North of the Alps. Here passed through Goethe, Guy de Maupassant, Mark Twain, Lenin and Picasso. Here between a toast and a dish sky view we are lucky to see the legendary bearded vulture hovering in their flight above us (it’s really rare see one!).





After a lunch in the company it is now a good time: sledding ahead in the face of a very long track and … go! The area is equipped and is designed with a cable car for sledding (never seen in Italy!).




The evening falls quickly. Among the few hours we will be leaving again for another of the Valais Canton area of ​​which I will talk you soon!

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