New Year’s eve on the snow near to Milan: from Leukerbad to Aletsch Arena, the reportage of my trip

A useful idea for the New Year’s eve on the snow near to Milan and the second part of my trip to Switzerland.


New Year’s eve on the snow near to Milan

New Year’s eve on the snow near to Milan. The travel report of the second part of my trip and a place of which I fell in love, perfect to celebrate the New Year’s eve.

I do not know about you but, about a month after the strike of 2017, I’m already looking for the perfect place to celebrate the New Year’s eve onn the snow near to Milan. Have you some helpful advice?

If, like me, you’re looking for the perfect place I have an advice, I have been there a while ago, it is less than two hours from Milan and it is a paradise one step from heaven. It is in the canton of Valais, here I told you the first part of my journey, but today I’ll tell you the second part of the trip from Leukerbad to Aletsch Arena.

New Year’s eve on the snow near to Milan: from Leukerbad to Aletsch Arena, the reportage of my trip

After three fantastic days in Leukerbad we head towards the station, a train is waiting for us to lead us to Aletsch Arena. In less than 20 minutes we are at our destination, get off the train, climb the giant cable car (just in front of the station) and … heaven suddenly.

Aletsch Arena is a plateau closed to traffic which is located in the heart of the first UNESCO World Natural Heritage of the Alps. It is the union of three small villages closed to traffic and linked together by small streets passable only skiing or with a snowmobile.


Today the program includes ski slopes to 360 °! I put my snowboard on feet and I launch into breathtaking descents. This area is phenomenal, the sun is shining all the day and descents are fabulous … but I strongly discourage to snowboarders. However, the view is truly unique and you can not miss it!


After a day of skiing we return to the hotel. Our hotel is a charming mountain chalet with a view of the valley that makes me fall in love. I enjoyed the sunset directly from my bed, and, after a typical dinner, I slept in the moonlight.



The sun rises a bit later in the mountains and so we enjoy a hearty breakfast. For the second day here we head to Aletsch Arena snow-covered mountains that served as the backdrop to our yesterday’s downhill. Put on my snowshoes for the first time in my life … and I fall in love greatly. It will be for the shining sun or the fresh snow, but it is a surreal experience that you definitely can not miss. The footprints of rabbits and white foxes here and there made us company but the real star was him, the Aletsch glacier, the largest Alpine glacier 23 km long.



After a few hours of snowshoeing in deep snow we stop in a small hut built of stone and wood and let us delight as wines and liqueurs and a delicious aperitif.

After toasts and smiles, the last part of snowshoeing is more challenging: you walk on the ski slopes, the steepest ever (and yes, I’ve fallen, as always!).




For the last day in Canton Valais we head to the edge of a surreal snow cat on top of the Bettmerhorn. The route is really fascinating, between small houses and children playing happily. In a short time we reach the top. Here we to discover the glacier in its most hidden aspects thanks to a really nice and perfect for the little ones exhibition.



The last downhill snowboarding, time to pack up and it’s already time to go home. Hello Canton of Valais. We will meet again very soon, I’m sure!


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