Nordic furniture: a gallery and many useful tips for DIY

A phenomenal collection of ideas, lots of helpful tips and a magical place where to buy everything for the perfect nordic interior (and not only).

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Northern furniture

Nordic furniture. A gallery of fantastic ideas to furnish your home in perfect nordic style by spending the least and having fun with DIY.

Here we are, now it is the time, the work is about to begin and, for the end of 2017, everything should be ready: I’m going to live alone! I’m really super excited and my company boards are filling up with design ideas for all corners of the house (if we’re friends on Facebook I have noticed! Are not we? Add me now!).

I totally fell in love of the Nordic style, after having shown the kitchens and office today I speak of the details of this decor with a wealth of useful ideas and a gallery of inspiration.

Nordic furniture: a gallery and many useful tips for DIY

I am sure that you, like me, you are a great fan of the Nordic style. You love the soft colors, wood trim and the dominant white. You love the sharp contrasts and strong cuts.

Alt! Hold on there! Before you think of ornaments and furniture, before thinking about the flat screen TV and the kitchen counter, you have already thought at the base? Have you ever thought that the key point for the success of a perfect decor is what surrounds it? The floor, the lighting, the walls and everything else.

And, tell me, did you know that the best choice with regard to these details is to do it yourself? It is the best choice because you can do what you want when you want.

I leave you with a gallery of ideas for your furniture in the Nordic style, what is your favorite?











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