Kitchens and the best appliances: helpful tips and a gallery of ideas

A ride together in the world of kitchens and quality appliances, lots of ideas for your decor and a lot of useful tips.



Kitchens and the best appliances

Kitchens and appliances. A collection of useful tips, great designs and appliances from the Arabian Nights to furnish your kitchen in the best way (and with the best value for money).

I’ve always said that 17 was my lucky number. It was the number on my shirt every time I went down to the field with my volleyball team (yes, I played volleyball in the central role for more than 10 years, did you know?). It was the lucky number that I wrote on each notebook, book or diary during the school years. It is the number that I choose when I need to believe in something and yes, Fridays 17 are my lucky days (funny right?). 17 is my magic number and, therefore, 2017 will be MY year!

I have a large number of new projects: a book I’m working on for some time, a new line of clothing for Alice Cerea Collection, through a large number of projects in collaboration with my heart brand until reach the bombshell… because in 2017 I’m going to live alone!

No, it’s not a joke, it is a project in which I and Yuri (here you find everything on my companion of adventures) have been working for a while ‘and in 2017, except for inconvenience, we should accomplish.

Well, now that you know, it’s time to put me seeking advice for furniture and ideas to every corner of my future house (see you on the social with the hashtag #casacertaneo to discover all the details).

By browsing the web I already collected hundreds of useful ideas and I decided to share them with you (and even ask your opinion). Let’s start with my favorite corner, today we talk about kitchens and appliances.

Kitchens and the best appliances: helpful tips and a gallery of ideas

Some time ago I had shown a stylish kitchens gallery, I know, but in the meantime my tastes have changed, they evolved, and today I have a mix of styles that pass me by the head and among them still do not know to choose the perfect one for me.

I’d like a white kitchen but … I’m a disaster with the cleaning! Deeply I hate the super feminine decor, I’m a real tomboy! I would like a huge refrigerator, the Americans with two doors but .. Yuri hates it! In short it is a real problem!

Below I leave you with a gallery of kitchens while here you can find the most beautiful villas of billionaires in the world, and here many ideas to keep order in the kitchen and beyond.
















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