Chapped skin and damaged hair: many effective remedies for the winter and beyond

Many useful tricks and must-have products to combat chapped skin and treat damaged hair in winter and in all seasons.


Chapped skin and damaged hair

Chapped skin and damaged hair. A collection of functional and cosmetic tips for your skin and your hair.

Remember this post some time ago? I advised you how to have perfect skin and hair, the number one rule, was to start from the inside with a proper diet and some supplements.

Well, in addition to a cure from the inside, to look stunning some small measures to be applied from the outside are very useful, especially when we talk about chapped skin and damaged hair.

Chapped skin and damaged hair: many effective remedies for the winter and beyond

In the winter my skin and my hair are really a disaster: dry skin due to the cold and the hair tend to look like the dead branches of bare trees (it will be to adapt to the panorama around me?). It happens to you? It’s really a tragedy!

I asked for help to Lookfantastic, the multibrand shop of cosmetics that I use at this time and they ran to my aid with a magic box: the lookfantastic beauty box.

I received directly at home a small pink metallic box, the Christmas version of the box, containing many useful products for hair care and skin in winter. I’ve used them, my skin and my hair reborn and now I give you lots of helpful tips and products that can not miss in your winter beauty routine.

  1. Eliminate dead cells. For your face try a semi-homemade facial scrub: I mix the brown sugar to a facial cleanser (Advanced Pure skin face wash Balance me) and I use it twice a week. Exfoliating mask for scalp Philip Kingsley is the best ever.
  2. Hydrate. After eliminating the dead cells give yourself a warm bath (have you ever tried to Bubblet leBath bomb? They are fragrant!) while on the face put on a hydrating mask. Try Hydra Veil Primer for good results!
  3. Primer. It is essential for hydration, protection and brightness of the skin and hair (yes, that’s right, there are also the hair primer). For the face try Hydra Veil Primer Illamasqua, apply it before make up and your skin will reborn. For the pre-shampoo Kingsley is the best ever!

These are the three basic tricks and products that you have to use for perfect skin and hair in all seasons. I found everything in my beauty box lookfantastic, an advice? Subscribe!








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