Holidays in the Dolomites: travel vlog and the first part of our tour on the road

The first part of the vlog of our trip on the road, many magical places and places to see for holidays in the Dolomites to remember.


Holidays in the Dolomites

A travel vlog to relive the first part of our holiday in the Dolomites, lots of photos and useful tips for your next trip.

I have just returned from my Christmas trip (I spent the holidays among the highest mountains in Europe and on instagram @alicecerea I’ll tell you everything in detail), and while I program the next one, I’ll tell you of my journey on the road. A magical journey, holiday in the Dolomites to remember, a tour in the mountains and the most beautiful valleys of the world immersed in the pure Christmas atmosphere.

Holidays in the Dolomites: travel vlog and the first part of our tour on the road

After crossing the Val Gardena and passed the Gardena pass here we are at our destination, the first step of our vacation in the Dolomites on the road is Corvara, a picturesque town.


The welcome is perfect, we chose a historic structure, among the first to be built in Corvara and absolutely the best of the surroundings hotel: Hotel Col Alto (here I mentioned it in detail). We leave our bags in the room, let us pamper you by a warm bath and delicious baked treats from the chef and we are ready to explore the area.


Corvara is a charming little village with a population mostly tourist. It is crossed by a picturesque stream that completely freezes in winter, creating a fairytale landscape (which I fell in love at first sight).


After visiting the town we return to the hotel where we allow ourselves to delight by the expert hands of the chef and a dinner brought from the Arabian Nights. The country has no nightlife but adjacent to the hotel we find the lounge bar Iceberg (we were spoiled with a thousand spectacular cocktails!).


In the morning, the alarm clock sounds early and, after a hearty breakfast, we leave for a day on the snow. Snowboards and skis on and go! Between laughter and excitement the day passes quickly, the time of a beer mug and a high altitude toast and it’s already time to go back.


We decide to spend the last day at the hotel in the spa of the hotel Col Alto. A dip in the pool, a hot tub, a Finnish sauna or a steam bath? These are just some of the treatments that I have given (and that have literally made me reborn).

A sauna room, a restful sleep in our king-size bed and it’s already time to leave, the second step of our trip on the road in the Dolomites awaits us and I can not wait to tell you all.


I’ll leave you to travel vlog with the first part of this adventure.

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