Hair cuts 2017: all trends of the season and the best products

All you need to know about hair cuts 2017. A collection of fashionable ideas, all the trends of the season and the best products for a fabulous hair.


Hair cuts 2017

A collection of trendy hair cuts you’ll love, many ideas for all tastes from the shorter to the longer ones, passing through must-have products.

New year, new ideas, new resolutions (here my intentions for 2017) and, of course, new hair cuts 2017. You’re looking for the right mood to start this new year in a perfect way? Want to change style and make a change to your look? You’re in the right place, today I’ll give you lots of useful tips and show you all the cuts fashion of the moment.

Alt! Stop! Before you start look in the mirror: how are your hair? They are healthy or in need of getting back into shape? They are dry? Brittle? Do not worry, it happens to all, just a few tips and they will return to shine like never before.

First of all by a blunt if they are unrecoverable (here I reveal when cut them), by your power supply (here the secret food for a terrific growth) and choose the specific products for your problem. I, at this time, I’m using the hair grow gorgeus line, a mix of wondrous products that made my hair grow faster. I found them at a mini price on, an online shop where you will find lots of beauty products for all occasions: ladies, men, hair, and so on and so forth; prices are mini and daily deals are endless!


Hair cuts 2017: all trends of the season and the best products

Now for the question of the day: what are the hottest hair cuts in 2017? I leave you to the official gallery of all denominations (and not only) fashion for next year, be inspired.

Bob vintage + fringe. The legendary helmet 70s returns to the big and do it in tandem with the coolest trend of the moment: the fringe. Here is a gallery bob cuts here and a gallery hair with fringe.


Medium lob. The lob (long+bob) is still super trendy but in its “halfway”. For 2017 the helmets in regrowth (a few cm below the shoulders) will be the coolest (and comfortable!).


Pixie. Short cuts are the most wanted and, overall, the pixie cut is in first place. This is a classic cut to the boy to bring in a thousand ways and different colors. Here a short cuts gallery.


Bowl is back. The legendary cut that all the kids 90s had is back, now in female version and is perfect with strong colors and candy.


We now turn to colors, volumes and trendy hairstyles for 2017.

Slick. The wet effect will be the master. Realize it with the simple hair gel already wet and comb lengths back.


Flatwaves. The waves are still in the top ten but they call themselves flatwaves and are flat waves, not curls. Better if combined with a side line.


A blaring. The hair of 2017 are super bulky, while it dries keep your head facing down and fill up with fixative.


Super smooth. If you do not love the waves the spaghetti effect is back. The classic long hair parted in the middle are perfect, choose a long cut. Here I reveal how to get a perfect smooth.


Fashion colors. The colors of 2017 are super natural, ranging from blond to brown, the orange hues are welcome. The fashion color for excellence is the tiger eye.


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