Outfits School: tips and ideas look to conquer all

A series of school outfits to copy right away and lots of tips to help you to conquer all (the guy you like and the teacher who hates you).

outfit scuola 11

School outfit

Many ideas to create your perfect school outfits mixing clothes that surely you have already in your wardrobe in a whole new way.

Here we go again, it’s always the same story every night you spend hours in front of the wardrobe in search of a new look and, inevitably, you end up wearing the same old jeans, right? As a result, the next day, your classmate does the usual sour joke on your clothing and on that guy you like so much and that, surely, dressed like that you’ll never notice. Am I right?

Do not worry, today I will give you a range of useful tips and must-have items for the perfect outfit for school, you conquer all, guaranteed!

School outfit : tips and ideas to conquer all

Ready Set Go! Here is a series of must-have clothes in your wardrobe to create the perfect school outfits.

T-shirt. A must-have item in every season and for every occasion. For school avoids those that are too low-cut, short or without sleeves. Avoid too strong written and relies entirely on soft colors.

outfit scuola 6

Sweatshirts and sweaters. Will be your best allies. Make sure you have in quantity and in many different colors (in this way you can wear the same jeans for more time by changing only the top).

outfit scuola 5

Shoes. Sneakers, booties and ultra-flat lace-ups for school. Choose one of these three models and you’ll go on the safe side. Avoid heels or open shoes.

outfit scuola 3

Shirt over a t-shirt. It is a saves lives, especially in spring and autumn. Choose it tartan or denim to wear open over a white T-shirt.

outfit scuola 4

Bomber. It is the trend of the moment (here all about women’s fashion) and for the school is perfect. Pick one black and it will match everything and in all seasons.

outfit scuola 10

Dungarees. The professors ancient love them (especially those in denim), perhaps because they remind them of the good old days. But attention to the combination.

outfit scuola 7

Hat and umbrella. Will be your best allies in the event of sudden or severe weather shrug. Always keep an umbrella in your backpack and, in cold weather, wear a beanie before you leave home in the morning.

outfit scuola

Denim. Jeans are always and forever the leader must have for the school. Choose it elastic, comfortable and smoothly, will be your best classmates!

outfit scuola 9

Leggings. I have the convenience made suit but they are not good at all. Avoid them if you’re a little too curvy and, please, mind you they are not transparent!

outfit scuola 2

Backpack. The backpack is absolutely the accessory in which store more care in the choice regarding the school. Choose it roomy, waterproof and with a well-resistant zipper.

outfit scuola 1

What do you say? Did you find any useful advice? Here is outfit gallery for school.

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  1. Oh wow this was inspiring! University is starting soon for me so this actually gave me a few good ideas of what to wear! 🙂 thanks for that! Also thanks for popping by my blog still, been a bit busy but always trying to return the support <3


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