Bags 2018: all the most beautiful (and expensive) for next season

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A collection of the most beautiful (and costly) seasonal bags for 2018 directly from the fashion week’s runways.

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Bags 2018

Ready, set, go! The fashion month is over and my guides, like every year, are coming! I’ve studied a long the catwalks of the fashion world week, after comparing various stylists and found the similarities I have compiled a list of what is IN and what is OUT for fashion spring/summer 2018 (do not miss the guide on fashion in 2018) .

Are you curious? If the answer is yes, I’m beginning to reveal everything you need to know about the 2018 handbags. I’ve picked up the images of the most beautiful (and expensive) bags, the ones that should not be missed.

Alt! Stop! These are super expensive bags to buy once in a lifetime (unless you’ve won online casinos, but that’s all another story, or maybe not? Have the chance to enjoy multiple online casino promotions).

Bags 2018: all the most beautiful (and expensive) for next season

Backpack. The backpack trend remains at the top of the charts and evolves into many different shapes. From the classic backpack to the one with the rhinestones, to the ones with the strangest shapes.

borse 2018

Waist bag. “Do you see the bumper ?!” A trend of the ’90s comes back to talk about it, we leave the classic to men and throw ourselves on the “pochette da vita”.

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Non-bag. On the hand who has always wanted a purse-not-bag? For 2018 the trend is to have bags that do not look like handbags, in the most disparate forms.

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Straw bag. Who said the straw handbag is just fine for the beach? The 2018 bags will also have straw inserts for the city

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Picnic. See you for a picnic at the park? I take the bag! For 2018 the trend is the picnic basket shaped bag, adorable.

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Round bag. All you need to be so sweet.

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