Kiko skin care: 48h to discover all the beauty news


Kiko skin care

Kiko skin care. 20 happy girls, an international brand, 48 hours to spend together and lots of products and news to discover.

The alarm clock ring early, the train of 8 is waiting for me, a short but intense journey to my Milan, towards a new, crazy, adventure, a journey to discover new beauty, flavors and people, a journey signed Kiko Cosmetics, the make-up brand that “started me” to cheat the world (I love this brand, remember this limited edition?) with lots of news and the new line Kiko skin care. Continue Reading


Camp Jeep 2016: where, how, when and why


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Camp Jeep 2016

Camp Jeep 2016. A collection of useful information, questions and answers about the most important event of the year signed Jeep.

Ready Set Go! Who is super excited about leaving for Spain?! Missing very little, it is a matter of weeks, days and will take place one of the most important events of the year, fun and cool as ever, do you already know what I mean, right? I’m talking about camp jeep 2016 and today I will give you all the information you are looking for! Continue Reading


Sanremo 2016: news, gossip and more!

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Sanremo 2016

Sanremo 2016. We’re very close to this event, less than a week to be precise, the Festival of the Italian Song is ready to start  (and even to be imitated! Do you remember this city in Croatia?), the most famous festival in the world returns, in prime time on Rai, 5 evenings, From February 9 to 13, 5 nights entirely dedicated to the Italian music and beyond.

The special guest will be the legendary Carlo Conti, a familiar face in the house of Rai in the historic Ariston Sanremo .. but who will be the singers? Among the announced big we can find Arisa, Enrico Ruggeri, Noemi, Frnacesca Michelin and many more along with new entries that certainly will make us heart beat during that Sanremo 2016.

Sanremo 2016: news, gossip and more!

But what would be Sanremo 2016 without any gossip? There is already who is angry with Carlo Conti, who says that it is time to pass the baton and who, accustomed to the usual routine, loves him, there are those who can not wait to find out what will be the look of the stars (present!) and who can not wait to know the name of the winner of this edition.

And you, what are you thinking? Are you imagining the astronomical price offer to the art director?

Well about gossip during Sanremo 2016 Ceres is here! In fact it was not called as a guest at the Ariston and … surprise! They have come up with a super ingenious plan: they have taken hold of everything that revolves around Sanremo: from  the people in the streets to the public in the audience by announcing that “this year all will sing in Sanremo”. Follow the live tweeting from official channels (and my tweets @alicecerea) and discover everything!


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