Exercises to lose weight: helpful tips and Runtastic Results

A collection o exercises to lose weight at home.


Exercises to lose weight

Exercises to lose weight. A collection of useful tips, an app for your smartphone and my experience with Runtastic Results.

Remember this post some time ago? Here I had explained in detail all the characteristics variables of the new app for smartphones Runtastic Results. A mix of exercises, useful tips and valid reasons to lose weight and stay healthy.

Do you know what? This time I got in the game (and on Instagram @alicecerea every Monday I give you different advice) and in less than a month I got the first results!

Exercises to lose weight: helpful tips and Runtastic Results

Are you looking for a collection of exercises to lose weight? Greets forever the gym, forget those super boring tutorial where the trainer spend 80% of the available time in useless speeches and download immediately Runtastic Results on your smartphone.

It will include a collection of exercises to lose weight and, after the initial test, you will have your own exercise. You can choose where, how and how much to train and, for any doubts, each exercise is accompanied by a practical (and very fast) video tutorial.

Well I would say that I said it all, I’m going back to my training with Runtastic Results and very soon I will show you all the achievements!









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