Snapchat tricks: the free guide to depopulate and get lots of views

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Snapchat tricks

Snapchat tricks. A collection of tricks, tips and secrets to depopulate on the social of the moment without any major investment and with excellent results.

Do you work with Snapchat? Do you earn money with Snapchat? How do you do? How many followers and views? Questions of this kind have tripled in the last period on my Facebbok page  (have you a question too? Write me here) as well as have tripled any questions regarding the new social network of the moment. Snapchat has conquered all, has won a good share of the market, and despite the millionaire proposed purchase by Facebook, has decided to continue alone! And you? Are you looking for Snapchat tricks? Are you curious and want to discover the answers to the questions above? Today I’ll let it all with a free guide and much more! Continue Reading


Instagram followers: the definitive guide to be popular


Instagram followers

Instagram followers. It’s the moment of Instagram, the best social ever, the most used by all, a company based on photography, easy to use and with billions of subscribers. Instagram is by far my favorite way to communicate. A simple click, perhaps with an emoticon in the description and some hashtag here and there and that’s it, just a touch to post and another to post the photos on all other social networks (hey follow me on Facebook and Twitter).

Today, after my first guide for Instagram, I return with lots of other tips and tricks to grow Instagram followers, all the secrets that I learned after a few years of regular use and total dependency (yes, Instagram is like a drug, let this be known!) and with a useful guide.

Instagram followers: the definitive guide to be popular

Here we are, first of all, download and install Instagram, simple, fast and free (a bit like snapchat, remember the secrets of snapachat?), we are now ready to begin and here below I will tell you all!


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