Outfit restaurant: how to dress to conquer all (and be super comfy!)

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Outfit restaurant

Outfit restaurant. Elegant look but not too much, comfortable and stylish, the perfect outfit for a dinner or a lunch out and really suitable for all ages.

Confess: you have an invitation to dinner and you have no idea of what to wear, it’s a business dinner or pleasure one does not matter, here is urgent to find an outfit idea for restaurant, it should be comfortable and elegant, to make a good impression and today I’ll give you a super idea! Continue Reading


Vacation on the lake: a corner of paradise on Garda lake

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Vacation on the lake

Vacation on the lake. A dream destination for spring, summer, autumn, and yes, even winter, an enchanted place where the green of nature merges with the blue of the lake and the blue sky.

Are you looking for the perfect destination for your holidays on the lake? Don’t worry, today I’ll give you lots of tips and a dream destination if, like me, you love the lake, tranquility and contact with nature. Where? A small town on Garda lake. Continue Reading


Where to go on Garda lake? Smiles, nature and 50 shades of blue in Tignale

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Where to go on Garda lake

Where to go on Garda lake. A dream destination for nature lovers, the lake and the good life, a mix of well-being and nature that make you say: I have to go there!

You’re looking for the perfect vacation? Are you looking for a dream place where nature is unspoiled and the sky is always blue? Well there is, it’s called Tignale, a small village divided into several layers and fractions, each with a dream view on Garda lake, I have been there and now let me talk about it.

Where to go on Garda lake? Smiles, nature and 50 shades of blue in Tignale

Do you know the deep blue? The one that I love so much and that I showed you in a thousand places (here in Croatia) and in a thousand look (here a dress), a color that I can find anywhere, the only color that comes in many shades, a color that I found here, in Tignale, overlooking Garda lake. I saw it in the sky and in the lake, I saw in people’s eyes and people’s hearts, I could see it even on a cloudy day, I saw it in church paintings and in colorful old houses, I saw a shade of blue that I love, a shade of which I still do not know the name and I decided to renameby my way: blue Tignale.

It is a unique, amazing color as the place that has its name, a color that encompasses the many shades of Garda lake (see here my travels on Garda lake), it contains the green of the olives and of the meadows and the yellow of lemons, it contains the nuances of orchards in bloom and inland colors that only a walk in Tignale can give, but this color is much more, this color gives emotions, sounds and scents, it gives the lemon fragrance lovingly cared in the Limonaia and the smell of olive just squeezed, watching well you can hear the waves of the lake and the intense roar of the falls that go down to the lake and then … the excitement! The blue Tignale is so rich in emotions: the smiles of the people with their typical accent from Brescia, the goodness of the food and good food, the laughter of children playing in the adventure park, the breath of the athletes who challenge themselves along slopes steeply-angled floors between lake and mountains, and then him, Garda lake.

Well, do you love it? If you are looking for an idea about where to go on the Garda lake Tignale is the right choice if you want to learn more, I invite you to Milan, in Piazza d’Armi of the Castello Sforzesco, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of May  to find out all about Tignale and many other villages with Orange Flag. I am there, you’re there too?

Here below you will find the first part of photos of Tignale and much more!


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What to bring camping and my adventure

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What to bring camping

What to bring camping. You already know my passion for travel (take a look at the travel category), from cities to tropical paradise everyday is a good day to leave for a new amazing destination. But have I ever told you about my passion for camping? I met Yuri during camping with friends (at about 80 km from my home!) and it’s also my favourite destination for weekends, maybe on Garda lake. I’ve been on camping about 2 weeks ago for a few days (find on Facebook and Instagram @alicecerea all my adventures live) and a lot of people ask me what to bring camping, so today I’m going to reply to you all.

What to bring camping and my adventure

What to bring camping? After 10 years of camping today I’m going to tell you all about camping: from basics to free time. Here below you’ll find the list of basic things and here you’ll find all about your suitcase. For me camping means also realx, I love sit on a lounge chair in the shade of an old oak tree, while birds are chirping I love read a book or my favourite magazine like magazine (I write on Glamour, do you know?).

Here below you’ll find the list of basic things that explains what to bring camping together with all pics from my last adventure wearing a cute floral outfit, perfect for summer. Buzzoole Continue Reading