YSL Mon Paris and the essence of 22 years: birthday girl!


Ysl Mon Paris

Ysl Mon Paris. The new fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent, a mix of fruity and floral notes for a hypnotic effect.

On the morning of my birthday, June 29, a shining sun and a mild summer breeze coming through the window, slowly I wake up, I’ll take my time, rub my eyes just like I did when I was a child.

I get up, pulled back the curtains, I smile to a new, fantastic day and I head into the living room, on the table a small and nice package, a gift for me, an anonymous gift with a full of meaning contained: Ysl Mon Paris, the new fragrance Yves Saint Laurent.

I can not resist, I open it, I spray it in the air and everything changes … now I know what is the essence of my 22 years. Continue Reading


What is love? Cuteness and Tuum rings


What is love?

What is love. Phrases, dedications, tenderness and small jewelry for great emotions, the best rings of the moment and a collection of sweetness from one that, in terms of tenderness, still has a lot, a lot to learn.

What is love for you? Have you ever think about that? Have you ever wondered what is this feeling for you? Stop for a moment, think, clarify ideas, frees the words to come out, take a sheet of paper and give free space to the imagination, to the words, the more hidden part of yourself. Write this sentence: the love for me is … and let this be continued by yourself.

Done? Well now that you know what love is we can continue: today I will make you melt the heart with a collection of tender phrases and give you some advice to learn how to show all your love. Continue Reading