Calculate car trip: my suggestions for planning a trip and a nice idea for a customized gadgets


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Calculate car trip and a car perfume

Calculating car trip. Are you planning your next trip and between a hotel and a restaurant you must also choose the suitable means of transportation, right?

Well, if you are two or more and the journey is not very long the car is the best choice,  it is safe and convenient  and I choose it for my trips! (Do you remember my trip to Croatia? We discovered it using a car!).

But, let’s move on to serious matters, how much a car trip costs? Today I will explain how to calculate your car journey but hey, relax, first you have to load your car (Here’s advice for a perfect suitcase) and prepare yourself for the trip. The new K-Lipstick, air freshener for a cute car will help you and these custom gadgets are available in many different variants ( discover my choice on my Instagram account @alicecerea).

Calculate car trip: my suggestions for planning a trip and a nice idea for a customized gadgets

Ready to find out how much you spend for the trip? It seems funny to say but often the road is the most expensive part of the whole trip, right? Well, now throw everything in the trash, relax and fill in the form that you find here, Michelin will calculate everything for you (and suggest you many useful tips for traffic and places to visit along the way).

Well now you just have to relax, activate your car perfume and leave! Have a good trip.

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Saturday night outfit: an outfit idea and have fun!

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Saturday night outfit

Saturday night outfit. Early autumn also means a bit the rediscovery of freedom of the weekend, even for you? The holidays are over and the work begins, the days becomes short and the sun disappears increasingly behind those clouds filled with rain (find a perfect outfit for rain here), it is the new season, one of the changes and confirmations.

A season that for me means determination and commitment combined with hard and constant work, yes, because I’ve created the job of my dreams but I can always improve, bu sometimes it’s good to stop and have fun, it’s time to wear a super cute dress and have fun with the people that I love, a perfect Saturday night outfit.

Saturday night outfit: an outfit idea and have fun!

For the weekend I decided to have fun and relax, I’ve planned a new, super cool project in an amusement park, no I’m not speaking about Gardaland (but here I told you all about Gardaland ) but I speak about Leolandia (here I told you about this park).

And then, tomorrow night, I’ll wear super sexy and elegant Saturday night outfit, I’ll wear my blue super stretch dress,  glitter shoes and bracelet and a clutch that is the end of the world.

And what do you think? What is your favorite Saturday night outfit?

Here below you will find all images, brands, and more!


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Elegant jumpsuit. An easy morning of July, a perfect summer day, the weather so hot and a lovely outfit just before the weekend. I’m into my garden and I’m walking along the trees (I just want to eat all this peaches!), I’m wearing my favourite black and white elegant jumpsuit (I’ve a collection of rompers, do you remember this black jumpsuit? Or this red one? A perfect dress for summer, I always wear it as a beachwear clothes (take a look at bikini 2015).


An easy and young elegant jumpsuit, suitable for every event: from a walk downtown wearing a pair of gladiator sandals to a night festival matched with a pair of perfect summer shoes (like these black sandals) and a precious clutch; moreover there are stripes, the fashion trend 2015, and I really love them!

I’ve matched my elegant jumpsuit with a lovely stachel bag (try also to match it with a long dress) and a pair of gladiator sandals, so comfortable!

Do you love or not elegant jumpsuit? Have a nice day!
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