Influencer Alice Cerea: a video tag to know me better

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Influencer Alice Cerea

Influencer Alice Cerea.A funny video tag, brief but intense, 100 questions to know me better and make us laugh together.

Lately I get a lot of strange questions on my Facebook page and on my profile Instagram (follow me already?), from “how to comb my hair in the morning” to “your favorite color?”, in short, a lot of strange questions, I think useless, to which I decided to respond today with a super fun video tag about the influencer Alice Cerea, which then would be me! Continue Reading


How to make hair dye: a super easy tutorial

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How to make the hair dye

How to make the hair dye. A video and some useful advice for shiny and perfect hair at home (and without spending a fortune).

Doubts about the hair colors home mde are many and often unfounded. Make a perfect hue at home is easy, super fast, cheap and, unless you are not looking for the perfect shades to the hundredth of a millimeter, the result is assured. Today I will explain how to make the dye hair at home with a super simple tutorial. Continue Reading