Evening dresses: how, when, where and why to wear them

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Evening Dresses

Evening dresses. A collection of fabulous dresses, looks, ideas for your important events and for special evenings with your him.

Who said that the evening dresses are ancient history? Who said that you can only wear at gala events or important ceremonies? Who said you are perfect just with a perfect makeup and a chic hairstyle? No, it is not so! These precious clothing can be used in many other ways, and now I will give you some advice along with many inspirations. Continue Reading


How to dress for an evening wedding: a super romantic outfit idea


How to dress for an evening wedding

How to dress for an evening wedding. A super romantic, comfortable and fashionable outfit idea to take part in an evening ceremony.

The fashion of the ceremonies at night is expanding more and more and in the summer are the best choice: no heat stroke, the lights of the sunset and the cut of the cake in the moonlight, is there something more romantic? I would choose a beach at sunset for my ceremony and choose a long white super stretch dress with bare feet but … it’s not my turn and if you’re looking on the internet how to dress for an evening wedding is not even your so … put for a moment the dreams aside and concentrate on the perfect look for an evening ceremony. Continue Reading